For years Scatti Spontanei has described the world around us through the language of photography with a deep sensitivity towards humans, at the natural state of things.


In a time in history where reality shows prevail, our challenge is to portray real actions and authentic moments. Scatti Spontanei takes as its primary mission the natural and genuine representation of events.


Collaborators are primarily chosen for their soft skills: radiance, flexibility, reliability, problem solving, and the ability to enter the scene (and why not, to get emotional). To work together as a team makes everything fascinating, enjoyable and productive.


Organization and precision are crucial parts in a work preparation.
Each staff member will focus only on certain scenes and subjects and this will permit a more creative and more efficient work.


Every photo shoot is designed for the specific needs of each customer, which will be able to take advantage of this flexibility also for photoshoots all around Italy, but also at night and with extra operators and equipment capable to satisfy any further needs.


A strong collaboration with colleagues and partners from other sectors, done in the respect of human and ethical values, makes a reciprocity of mutual benefits possible, both economically and professionally.

Environmental Ethics

Our photo studio has started an environmental sustainability transformation. Our quotations are only electronically sent; every lamination has been eliminated and all energy consumption is limited. But there’s still a lot to do, so please… give us a hand!


Photography is an instinctive, passionate and spontaneous story.

Max D’Alessandro, creator of Scatti Spontanei, attended the photography for ceremonies course organized by The Roman Vicariate Liturgical Office. He’s a professor at “Accademia degli Eventi” for Wedding planning courses and he regularly organizes photography course for schools and individuals.

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