“AN EXCELLENT PHOTOGRAPHER” – Max did a wonderful job on our wedding photos! As a couple coming from the us to be married in italy, Max did everything to make us feel assured that all would be good for the day! And the photos are beautiful! He has the ability to capture all the emotion and personalities of your guests in photos, and we are so thrilled with the results! Thank you so much!

David e Susan

Pittsburgh, USA

“MAX D’ALESSANDRO: A HAPPY CHOICE” – An amazing experience full of professionalism and sensitivity that made our photoshoot a true work of art capable of moving us even shortly thereafter by making us live again the emotions of our wedding day through perfect new angles that highlight the big moments of a special day. Punctuality, meticulousness and discretion throughout the ceremony, the friendliness and a great value for money. We highly recommend Max and we would choose him a thousand times over again.

Daniele e Maria Angela

Molfetta, Bari

“SUPERB SERVICE!” – Max, thank you so much for our stunning photos. You and your assistant made our wedding day a lot of fun and you’ve both captured countless special moments which we will cherish forever. Superb service! XXXX

Ben e Michaela

Shrewsbury, Regno Unito

“THANK YOU MAX!” – When a couple gets married, they want that day to be perfect and we were no exception. We really wanted to enjoy that day and make it last forever. Max really helped us in making our dream come true…and more! Our wedding was amazing, anyway we didn’t know how to describe it to our family and friends that couldn’t be with us. But when we finally got Max’s work…well, we also got a confirmation that an image is worth a 1000 words! And its pictures, they’re worth a million! Special thanks to Max and his team!

Fabiàn and Daniela

San José, Costa Rica

“WE ARE VERY HAPPY” – We are very happy with the work of Max! He proved to be very professional and he really captured the most beautiful moments of the day. His assistant has also done very well. It will be difficult to choose from all the photos the best ones to put in the album! Thanks again for everything!

Daniel e Lieke

Portland, USA

“THE (MAX)IMUM!” – I am the fifth-born of 6 children and we all relied on Max and his team for our photoshoot! 5/5 works that exceeded our expectations (especially mine since I’m not photogenic and didn’t have a makeup artist service). All pictures are perfect and shape our emotions and those of all the guests. I guarantee you won’t find a better team than Max’s!

Alberto e Agnese

Spoleto, Perugia

“SUPER MAX”- Max means reliability, professionalism, kindness, expertise, elegance and everything that a photographer should be! He can capture every detail and make you live again the emotion of that day. We highly recommend him! You’re great, Max!

Andrea e Michelle


“IT WAS A FABULOUS ADVENTURE”- Having you as a photographer on our wedding day was an honor for us, every photo is special, you can see the spontaneity and naturalness. We felt your professionalism and passion at all times. Together with your colleague you managed to create a pleasant and sympathetic atmosphere. Our emotions were of joy and we were very moved. It was a fabulous adventure. Our desire to have the memory of our most wonderful day, with beautiful photos, has come true. They amaze and excite every person who looks at them. Thank you very much indeed!!!

Krystian e Joanna

Oborniki, Polonia

“SENSITIVE AND NOBLE SOUL” – I can say, without exaggerating, that in 20 years I have had the good fortune and the privilege to know you and to be able to appreciate your shots… spontaneous shots that arrive straight to the soul, because they come from your sensitive and noble soul…

Franco e Ivana


“IMPECCABLE PROFESSIONAL AND WONDERFUL PERSON” – Max is a wonderful person and an impeccable professional. Discreet, patient and capable of capturing all the emotions and transform them into photos. At the end of the day, he’s no longer just our photographer, but also a friend that can perfectly understand our needs and feelings. His assistant is as much talented as he is. His wonderful team made our day truly special!

Valerio e Vanessa

Pomezia, Roma

““SPONTANEOUS SHOTS”…FOR REAL!” – We chose Scatti Spontanei because when we saw their pictures, we definitely realized how spontaneous they were! Max and his collaborator were a pleasant presence, descreet and entertaining. They let us live the moment naturally and already gave to us a glimpse of the wonderful pictures they took. We can’t wait to see the rest.

Carlo e Chiara

Tarquinia, Viterbo

“A TRUE PROFESSIONAL” – Max is an out-of-the-ordinary professional. Since the very beginning, he has always be willing to embrace and fulfill our requests. His precision and his warmth are a perfect mix that assisted us during the whole cerimony, from the bride and groom preparation, the outdoor photoshoot and the party, to the last minutes of our wedding, always ready to capture every single aspect of the day. All we can do is to highly recommend him and sincerely thank him for his precious work.

Fabrizio ed Eleonora


“WE COULDN’T ASK FOR ANYTHING BETTER!” – We chose Max out of more than 250 photographers as soon as we got impressed with his clean and filled-with-emotion shots. Since we dabble with photography as well, we were a little bit scared of delegating such a precious moment to a stranger, but it took us just a moment in his photostudio to understand how professional and how sensitive he is. If you’re looking for unique and accurate memories and for a competent and descreet photographer, then choose Max and you won’t regret it! He’s a great person, humanly speaking…which never hurts!

Andy e Alessia


“La potenza di un ricordo”- La potenza di un ricordo: poco dopo il matrimonio è mancato mio suocero, ma ogni volta che rivedo la sua gioia nelle foto, mi commuovo puntualmente. Di questo e molto altro dobbiamo ringraziare Max, che è riuscito a immortalare momenti che, rivedendo le sue foto, mi scaldando il cuore. Professionalità, disponibilità, cura dei dettagli, sono solo alcune delle caratteristiche che descrivono il magnifico lavoro di Max. Non trovo molte parole, a parte il nostro grazie più sentito, e queste magnifiche foto, che parlano al posto nostro.

Vincenzo e Claudia


““SPONTANEOUS” IN NAME AND IN FACT!” – Highly recomended! Max has convinced us since the very first moment. He was available even at unconvenient time slots, always kind and ready to satisfy our needs. He’s been one of the few experts that immediately shared with us clear ideas and he never disappointed our expectations during the great day. During the celebration and the party he and his team were extremely discreet, just like we wanted it to be. Anyway they were perfectly able to capture the best moments of the event. Thank you Max!

Luca e Roberta


“PERFECTION IS NOT ENOUGH TO DESCRIBE IT” – Max is a person able, not just to make a perfect work, but also to put you in the right conditions for the success of the photoshoot thanks to his kindness, calm and experience. Nothing at the event was left to chance, on the contrary everything was coordinated with the lightness of a butterfly. Max, you truly helped us. You will always be in our hearts and we’ll definitely call you for our next special event, which we hope it will be as joyful as this one was!

Filippo e Maria


“MAX IS THE PHOTOGRAPHER PAR EXCELLENCE” – Professional, discreet and never intrusive. Really a nice person, who was able to instill a sense of calm and tranquility in me upon my arrival at home. Throughout the reception, he was present and close to us during the most important moments without ever being noticed. A real photo professional. Our compliments go as well to his collaborator Matteo. A heartfelt thanks indeed, you were just fantastic and we look forward to seeing the photos!

Andrea ed Ester


“MAX HELPED US IN CREATING A SPACE JUST FOR US” – I fell in love with Max’s pictures as soon as I saw them. The thing I appreciated the most during our wedding was his discretion (Max and his collaborator seemed to be invisible). He was able to capture the most crucial and exciting times, by never being too much present. I never wanted posed photos and now my photoalbum is filled with spontaneous shots that I define authentic. Punctual, precise, discreet and honest. I’m very happy that I chose him and I’d definitely recommend him to everyone! Thank you Max.

Gerardo e Manuela

Tarquinia, Viterbo

“MAX D’ALESSANDRO: EMPATHY, PROFESSIONALISM AND GENUINE EMOTIONS” -Choosing a photographer is probably one the most important challenges in a wedding preparation, but for us, it was super easy! Max d’Alessandro: Empathy, professionalism and genuine emotions…everything included in his reportage made of spontaneous shots! Today we finally saw our pictures and we replayed that day in a moment: this is the superpower of his photos! We highly recommend him!

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Un artista decisamente eclettico, con un lato da psicologo che, appunto, coglie gli Scatti Spontanei degli sposi: questo e molto altro è Max D’Alessandro

Le foto saranno la testimonianza tangibile delle emozioni che proverete durante il vostro grande giorno, per questo la scelta del fotografo e dello stile del servizio fotografico che preferite è di fondamentale importanza..

Una grande storia d’amore, un matrimonio curato al dettaglio, un grande evento corale, nulla sarebbe senza un bravo narratore. Ma raccontare la bellezza non è certo da tutti: c’è bisogno di un grande artista che è prima di tutto una grande persona…

La fotografia è un’arte che nasce dal desiderio di ritrarre la realtà per come si manifesta e presuppone che l’artista abbia la sensibilità, e la capacità, di rappresentare ciò che vi è oltre lo sguardo. Ad accomunare i grandi fotografi c’è una passione che nasce precoce e spesso si tramanda…


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